Going for the deep dive

Black and white photo of three panel comic drawn in sketchbook the artist had when she was younger

Since I was little, my art was always character driven with storytelling at its core; this need for narrative only became more evident as I grew older. In this piece, one of my first bigger projects of this kind, I further push the possibilities of ink as I try to convey the special relationship I’ve formed with one of my new roommates. With a focus on conversation, this comic invites the reader to a brief kitchen-living room interaction filled with joy, sadness, hope and an unexpected funny ending. Technique wise, this was once again a big revelation of how much can be said with such a humble medium like ink.

Black and white seven panel comic about a girl spending some quality time with her roommate

In this composition, I experimented with more intricate textures and patterns to generate depth in the space and bring protagonism to my main subjects. At the same time, this busier arrangement allowed me to explore the long neglected qualities of Nōtan (濃淡), a Japanese concept related to the balance of light and dark (black and white) elements in a composition to create impact and visual interest. Here, the contraposition of fine outlines and spaces of solid black not only make the comic more dynamic and attractive to the eye, but aid the reading direction allowing clearness and some necessary pauses.

This comic taught me a lot. Not only have I found more effective ways to communicate through more stylized graphic mediums, but I’ve unlocked a whole new method of synthesizing details. Now that the bar has been set higher, I have no other choice but to go all in into this journey of aesthetic discoveries.

This time, I’m going for the deep dive.

Close up of black and white comic panel showing a girls smiling while doing the thumbs up sign

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