The start of something special

Updated: Apr 2

Top view of collection of black and white comic strips over a bed

As I try to open my way into the comics industry, developing my very own graphic style - on purpose, this time- I find myself freed by the constrictions of the ink medium. Though I enjoy full colored renderings, I have to admit that I’ve always been more of a drawer rather than a painter. Even in my more detailed work, what I tend to enjoy the most is the line-art phase, spending long hours outlining the subtleties no one ever pays attention to. Comics, however, as I’ve found out recently, are not only all about these processes that I love, but are the place where these details take a protagonist role bringing stories to life.

Black and white comic panel of girl drinking coffee and drawing in her art studio while a black cat rests on her lap

This piece is where I started to be more intentional with my comic style, trying to own up to my unofficial but very attractive tittle of ‘ink master’ given by my peers. From my early linear explorations, I tried to further push the limits of the ink adding some bigger blocks of solid black and playing with a white gel pen to define highlights and other forms within the darker objects. I also start playing with texture and pattern to gain some middle tones and bring more visual interest to the composition. The results got me excited. I had not only created an effective way to synthesize my motives with a more graphic approach but, for the first time, I was able to find myself into this aesthetic. Nowadays, feeling more confident about calling myself a ‘comics person’, I look forward to keep creating this way. Through the lens of comics, everything is more fun and, as I look around, I find infinite possibilities to create narratives.

This is the start of something special.

Black and white photography of working space showing desk, chair and artwork pasted on the wall for inspiration

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